About Polymer Lining Systems

Polymer Lining Systems (Pty) Ltd. is the rubber lining subsidiary company of Mining Pressure Systems. Polymer Lining Systems rubber lining operation is situated in a 4000 sq. meter factory in Boksburg, one block away from Mining Pressure Systems Head Office.  

Our rubber lining subsidiary adds value to pipe-work as it provides solutions for all pipelines which contain highly abrasive materials. Essentially, the rubber protects the steel from the grinding effects of abrasive materials (by absorbing the kinetic energy) while the steel protects the rubber from any external damaging in a harmonious, symbiotic relationship.

The large yard, excellent handling facilities, (comprising of two overhead cranes 20 and 7.5 ton capacity- and an industrial capacity forklift) as well as a well-trained, committed workforce means that Polymer can handle high volume jobs with ease.

The core business of Polymer Lining Systems is rubber-lining tanks and pipes for the mining industry and also rubber-lines valves, pump components, bends, T-pieces, Y-pieces, reducers, elbows, pulleys, rollers and many other fittings. 

Polymer Lining Systems rubber-lining is offered to any local or international specification.  In addition, the company is well equipped to handle any project which encompasses the following:

1.   Blasting
Two 800cfm compressors are employed to meet all relevant requirements and specifications. 

2.   Curing
Polymer Lining Systems has four autoclaves which are capable of curing pipes and tanks up to 18 meters in length and 2.8 meters in diameter respectively. 

3.   Painting
Polymer Lining Systems is able to offer paint application services to any specification required by the mining houses and has all the requisite equipment to provide a quality high-standard finish.  

All Polymer Lining Systems suppliers who provide rubber, adhesives, paint and grit are ISO listed to ensure seamless, internationally accepted standards of material resulting in a quality product which would be expected from the 30 years of excellence Mining Pressure Systems has built its reputation on. Each supplier carries product guarantees with the necessary technical back-up facilities. As for Polymer Lining Systems, all rubber is made to SABS 1198 specifications.

Nevertheless, Polymer Lining Systems applies it own stringent quality test in its laboratories to ensure optimum and more importantly, safe service delivery.  Amongst its many added-value service enhancements, such as the critical area of rubber selection for rubber-lining, Polymer Lining Systems maintains a constant materials quality performance criteria by which raw materials and finished materials are subject to frequent internal quality control measures.

Polymer Lining Systems offers various types of hard/soft rubber lining:

  • Natural Rubber
  • Butyl Rubber
  • Nitrile Rubber
  • Chloroprene Rubber
  • Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene

Each of the above serve different resistant applications with regards to heat applied, acidity, abrasiveness, contaminants, oil and ozone. 

Polymer Lining Systems also provides rubber lining between the sizes of 3mm -12mm depending on the customer requirements.

NEW DEVELOPMENTS – Polymer Lining Systems goes mobile…

Polymer Lining Systems now offers on-site, sufficiently tested, steam-cured rubber lining, with a fully functional 7 meter long autoclave mounted onto a low-slung trailer. This allows the customer to enjoy the same quality service that one expects from Polymer Lining Systems and Mining Pressure Systems on their own doorstep reducing the often catastrophic effects of project schedule constraints.

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