Up for the Challenge: Top Project for MPS

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While many clients still see the Mining Pressure Systems (MPS) group exclusively as a piping supplier and manufacturer, one of its divisions, MPS Projects has steadily been carving a niche in project management and consultation.

At the moment, the division believes there is opportunity for growth in the field of mining. While this sector seems to be holding back on projects, access to funds will see an upswing in the last quarter of 2011. This aside, in the last two years, MPS Projects has successfully tackled some of the largest installation projects in the mining sector.

Backed by the power of the MPS brand, one of the largest suppliers of piping in South Africa, MPS Projects has an overwhelming advantage over its competition in that it can offer clients the best price, shortest lead times and the most qualified advice. “With all projects handled by senior management, the client has access to hands-on advice and top flight service to make sure a project is successful from the initial stages right through to completion,” says Michael Neves, Director of MPS Projects.

A highlight of the division was working with one of South Africa’s leading iron ore producers. “It was an expansion to its largest operation in the country,” says Neves, “and posed many challenges as we working on a brownfields site and had many interfaces with the contractors and the mine itself.” A brownfields site, he explains, is a project involving extensions on an operational or existing site.

Neves states that the division is often called upon for repeat business from existing clients. “We are fortunate that we have loyal, satisfied clients that come to us time and time again because of our expertise and the quality of the work we deliver,” he says. “In the past year, we have been called back for additional work on numerous projects.  This keeps our team busy for longer on a project, even after its completion date.”

However, he points out, with limited work available in the market place, coupled with stiff competition, the company has had to box clever to overcome these challenges. “We run a streamlined operation, focused on keeping our operating costs as low as possible,” he explains. “While other companies may cut prices, we offer our clients fair and competitive prices for the work required. We also look at ways to minimise our clients’ costs.”

Furthermore, despite the challenges of faced by the industry to find qualified artisans, MPS Projects firmly believes skilled manpower is imperative when undertaking new projects. “By maintaining our core staff and good relationship with placement agencies, we have access to the best artisans that South Africa and other countries have to offer,” Neves says. “This gives us the ability to increase direct field labour rapidly, while the supervision and management remains firmly in the hands of senior and experienced staff.”

With clients able to deal directly with stakeholders of the MPS group and the bulk of material readily available for projects, MPS Projects is confident it can handle projects of any size both locally and across borders. “At present, we are focusing on a marketing drive to the let the market know our wide-ranging capabilities,” concludes Neves.

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