About MPS Liners

MPS Liners is a new alliance partner of the Mining Pressure System Group, specializing in HDPE 'Tight technology for all large bore sizes of steel piping.  MPS liners now offer the option of HDPE liners with all its fabrication services, under one roof. Fostering skills and experience gained through 30 years of trading, MPS Liners is of the same high standard of service that can be expected of its holding company - Mining Pressure Systems.

Our HDPE lining subsidiary adds value to pipe-work as it provides solutions for all pipelines which contain highly acidic materials and slurries while demanding optimum flow. Essentially, the HDPE protects the steel from the weathering effects of acidic materials (due to the enduring chemical compound of the liner itself) while the steel protects the HDPE from any external damaging in a harmonious, symbiotic relationship.

A new high density polyethylene lining technology from MPS liners Pty Ltd offers extended life of any large bore metal piping, old or new - MPS Liners offers a great service to mines whereby old existing tailings pipe-lines are dissembled and sent to MPS Liners for the company to carry out pressure tests, sandblasting curing, HDPE lining and coating to restore old pipes to new functionality giving many extra years of service and lower operating costs per pipe. With the nature of the mining industry being susceptible to creeping production costs, the free-issue, value-adding service which MPS offers to old pipes is highly efficient and welcomed by the various mines which are the cornerstone of the South African economy.

This efficiency has not been reserved to South African mines with MPS Liners successfully supplying HDPE lined pipes to Zambia, DRC, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Australia in large projects which reflects the extent to which MPS is a globally competitive brand which, in any language, spells out “quality and safety at competitive prices”. 

After several years in research and development, Mining Pressure Systems (MPS Liners) has finally perfected a unique, patented process of lining large bore steel piping using high density polyethylene (HDPE) liners.  Using its unique 'Tight Lining' process, MPS Liners has been able to develop a process that enables HDPE liners to be easily and permanently installed, conforming to both new and existing steel piping regulations.

Using the MPS Liners patented process, insertion of HDPE pipes can now be done on new as well as existing piping, both ex-factory and on site.

The benefits of HDPE lining include:

  • The liner is a non-toxic material
  • Resistance to abrasion and acidic material
  • Low friction losses
  • No crustation build-up
  • Very low water absorption
  • No stress cracking
  • No contamination
  • 50 year lifespan
  • No need for gaskets in pipelines as the flaring finish is sufficient
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