About MPS

Mining Pressure Systems (MPS) is a leading supplier to the piping solutions industry in South Africa and abroad. Since 1991 MPS has been providing piping solutions efficiently and timely to ensure that the cornerstone industry of South Africa – mining – is able to function with no delays. MPS is 40% Black owned to ensure that social aspects are being met and exceeded and to participate in a positive change in South Africa.

MPS had its humble beginnings in Bokburg, Gauteng as a family business and now has grown to become a leading operator in the industry with turnover in excess of R500 million per annum and offering the most value-added activities “in-house” including: Fabrication (to any spec), stainless steel, rubber-lining, HDPE-lining, corrosion protection coating, site erection, installation and steel grating. 

MPS’s competitive advantage is the large working area in which MPS operates – 65 000 sp. meters in Boksburg North as well as an additional 40 000 sq. meters in Midvaal, Gauteng. This allows for the ability to stock large quantities (R50 million worth of stock at any given time) of piping and flanges resulting in very few stock-out situations and giving us the advantage to provide pipe solutions immediately, which is the nature of the demanding mining industry, while our competitors may wait weeks for inventory.

Whilst our main business is the supply, fabrication and installation of piping systems for the mining industry, we can handle any project that encompasses the following:

Corrosion protection on all types of piping.

High-pressure pump columns.

High-pressure and medium-pressure piping and fittings (mining and general).

Pump station piping.

High-pressure shaft columns.

HDPE-lining of steel pipes.

Plant pipe work and general piping.

Pipe Installations.

Hydropower piping.

Rubber-lining of steel pipes.

Backfill piping.

Ceramic-lining of steel pipes.

Experience and industry knowledge is the core life blood of our company. Our senior management consists of piping specialists who have more than 30 years experience in the pipe industry and have excellent knowledge and records of the pipeline configurations and material usage of many major South African mines. 

To couple the experience and knowledge, our welders are coded to ASME9, and are supported by specialised boilermakers with major piping expertise and experience to ensure that jobs are carried out diligently and meticulously. However, we still insist on a Quality Control Department that consistently checks outward jobs to monitor and ensure quality because with each item MPS delivers, MPS attaches it reputation and excellence ‘stamp’ along with it. 

To finally complete our excellent service delivery, Mining Pressure Systems have a comprehensive fleet of heavy, medium, and light delivery vehicles ensures customers of prompt and secure service at all times which allows us to have complete control over our deliveries and driving staff.

Because, deep down, we really care.More importantly, it’s our dedication to serving our customers that makes the difference.  Achieving the “impossible” to specification, and on time, is what our customers have come to expect, in a tough and uncompromising business.  When they really need us, we’re always there for them.  

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